For better future!

The whole team of TAUCO started research of the
Light Gauge Steel Building Systems and prefab technologies since 2012. 
Utilising series certified or Appraisal building products and systems,
TAUCO can helps you to build a house with almost a full solution.

Let’s build houses Simpler, Faster and Better!

About Us

After 10 years of R&D and practice, TAUCO developed a full light gauge steel (LGS) House system engineered to be prefabricated and make local building authority approval easier, allowing us to offer LGS framed structures and certified building materials at reasonable prices. The solutions include teamwork in innovative LGS Design, Engineering, Logistics and Certifications. Essential materials are also tested, certified and approved to be included in the TAUCO Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Building System:
  •LGS Framing and Truss
  •TAUCO Mg-Aluminium Insulating Weatherboard System or TAUCO e/FC Sheet Cladding
  •TAUCO Mg-Aluminium Longrun Roofing System
  •Drainage wallwrap
  •PP Drainage Batten (good for both horizontal and vertical)
  •TAUCO e/FC Sheet Flooring & e/FC wall Sheets for wet areas


  •Australian First NCC compliant Full Certificate for LGS Building System
  •The system includes LGS Wall Framing, Truss, TAUCO Al-Mg Insulating Wall Cladding, e/FC Sheet Cladding, Al-Mg Longrun Roof,
  Drainage Cavity Batten, Drainable Wallwrap, XPS panel or strip, Thermal Broken Windows with fast installation mechanism , etc.
  •Dozens of Tests done by different Accredited Laboratories
  •Builder training & supporting program
  •Installer training & certification program
  •Franchise opportunities